williamsburg residential irrigation systems

Knight-Scapes is an all-inclusive design, installation, retrofit, maintenance, and backflow prevention testing irrigation services contractor for all makes and models of landscape sprinkler systems. We are proficient at servicing hydraulic, 2-wire, and pump driven systems. A properly designed and installed irrigation system employing water conservation practices can save the end user a significant amount of money while protecting one of our most valuable natural resources; water.

Our systems incorporate the most up-to-date water conservation applications including the installation of check valve heads to minimize the gravity drainage of residual water within pipes, water efficient drip irrigation, low volume water delivery nozzles, and rain/weather sensors which automatically suspend and/or adjust water distribution based on temperature changes and rainfall amounts.

We absolutely believe that the single most important and effective irrigation water conservation practice is end-user education. Efficient sprinkler system design, installation, and retrofit practices are balanced by a responsibility to educate the end-user with the proper operation of the system. At the conclusion of every project, we provide our Clients with a comprehensive orientation to explain and demonstrate the functional capabilities of the controller, rain/weather/moisture sensors settings, precipitation delivery rates of the various heads, and required seasonal water application adjustments. We also encourage our Clients to contact us to discuss recommended program settings in an effort to properly manage water consumption throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Knight-Scapes also offers drip irrigation technology for your landscaping needs. Drip irrigation is a slow and precise delivery of water to your plants and allows you to effectively water your flowers, ground covers, shrubs and trees directly at the root ball. This results in a reduction of runoff, overspray, and evaporation. and fall seasons. We have extensive experience with the design, installation and maintenance of drip irrigation systems.

Backflow Preventions

Irrigation systems give watering gardens and lawns a time saving advantage, but water that may be contaminated by fertilizers or other chemicals can be back-siphoned (backflow) into your drinking water supply. Irrigation or drainage systems not protected by approved backflow prevention solutions could endanger the health of you and your community. As a certified Virginia backflow device inspection and testing company, Knight-Scapes has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with much needed testing and maintenance as well as professional initial installation of new backflow systems.


Knight-Scapes provides device consultation and installation. All installations, from replacement to brand new, are preformed by trained professionals in accordance with all local and state laws and include the required initial inspections.


Regular inspections of your backflow assembly are an essential part of maintaining an irrigation system. City codes require yearly inspections from a certified inspector, and Knight-Scapes can handle all regulations to keep you in compliance.


We are proud to offer thorough and customer tested maintenance and repairs. Ensuring a backflow prevention system is consistently in perfect working order keeps your water supply from experiencing interruptions in service.