“Water has been a problem in and around our home from the time construction started until the present. In the eleven years we have lived here, we have talked to the professionals in Ford¹s Colony, James City County, and anyone they recommended. While several ideas were suggested, none were acceptable for various reasons. We called Knight-Scapes to handle our backflow inspection and the water turn off and on. Jason Frank came out and while he was here for those other reasons we mentioned our ongoing water problem. After some discussion he said they’d be in touch and arrange to come out and see what solution they had. They came back with their proposal which involved adding drain pipes as well as moving and cleaning others. It sounded like a solution so we accepted.

The team of four, Doug Knight, Reuben Williams, Olmen, and Arlington were here for two days. They were efficient, professional, worked well together and were pleasant to have around.

After they were finished we waited for our first serious rain to see what happened. The rain came and we went out to see what was happening at each spot and we were very happy to see everything working just as they said it would.

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