“Bill, Jeff and Jason,

As you know, a Rain-Bird ESP-SMT Irrigation Controller was installed at our residence on 28 June 2010. I have been observing its operation over the past ten days, and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with its performance. Having read the User Manual, I was somewhat familiar with how the unit is programmed and operates, but seeing it in action makes it even more impressive.

On the day of installation I watched Jeff program our zip code, which provides the basic weather data input to the system. The allowable watering days were also entered so the system only functions on authorized days. Then each individual zone was programmed to indicate turf/beds; sun exposure; slope; desired hours of operation on authorized days and other vital parameters to customize the system. With the built-in rain gauge, it will avoid the use of water when normal rainfall has provided what is needed. It also calculates the evaporation/transpiration rate of the type of grass, based upon the recent weather conditions.

As a result, it will save water and money, by not having the sprinklers run when not necessary. However during these very dry hot days, the system re-cycles through the zones, actually providing more water than my previous controller was allowing, unless I went out manually to override the settings. So our lawn is now receiving enough water to avoid over-stressing the grass. And the new system allows me to manually increase the programmed amount of water in incremental percentages, if I think that is necessary. The system is really automatic, and I am assured that enough water is being provided, but not too much.

In summary, I am VERY pleased with the Rain-Bird ESP-SMT Irrigation Controller, and would highly recommend it to anyone.

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