"Dear Knight-Scapes, I am most pleased to recommend your company to any of my friends, acquaintances or clients. In the redesign and upgrade of my existing irrigation system, you showed the highest degree of professionalism, care, courtesy and patience. You should be proud of your organization and I will be using you exclusively in the future.

Thank you for your great service!

Susan S.
Queens Lake & Liz Moore and Associates

“You, and your company, have taken landscaping, lighting, and irrigation to the next level for all of us fortunate enough to be YOUR customers. We love each and every one of you like family and I, personally, think of you all as family. You never cease to amaze me with your incredible dedication and loyalty to customers…must be something Bill learned in the Air Force! At any rate, you are some of the finest people I know and I will continue to do business with Knight-Scapes, and I will brag about you and your company to anyone I come into contact with. It is a rare thing these days that a company does what they say they will, how they say they will, when they say they will. You folks exemplify what I think of when I think of the ultimate in customer service. I can honestly say I actually look forward to seeing you at my front door!”

Carl A. – Ford’s Colony, Williamsburg, VA

“When I needed to revitalize my 15 year old landscape lighting for my home I contacted Knight-Scapes, Inc. I consider myself a detail oriented person and I knew I had transformer issues, underground wiring issues, bulb and fixture issues. I had been trying for several years to do it myself using parts and equipment I purchased at the big box stores but had failed to make acceptable progress. I wanted to fix the problems and I wanted to step up with quality. Jeff Knight patiently and expertly worked with me for several months as I evaluated every detail of the job. Jeff provided exhaustive technical detail at every turn to assure me I was making the correct decisions. Jeff also set up sample display lighting to help me make the final decisions. I decided to make the move to LED lighting and fixtures providing a lifetime guarantee. This was not the most inexpensive route but this was my home and I wanted it right. Jeff set up the final installation while I was out of town. When I returned home I was fully prepared to view the installation and continue working out issues. When darkness fell and I viewed the results of the installation I was thrilled. The lighting transformation of my home was significant and we loved the results immediately. It is not often I hire a contractor and find the helpful knowledge, patience and competence that I found in Jeff Knight with Knight-Scapes… I was 100% satisfied with the results”

Brian M. – King’s Mill, Williamsburg, VA

"I want to thank Jeff, Bill, Doug and crew for the work they have done at my house.  They installed a sprinkler system and did a remarkable job!!! When they were done, my yard looked way better than I thought it would; considering they had to dig the trenches.  There was very little evidence and the yard was spotless.  Later I had them install lights in my Koi pond; again, we were worried that since all the plants around the pond were in full growth/bloom the plants would take a beating.  Again there was no evidence that they even did anything, until that night and the results were OUTSTANDING!!  The crews were very professional and courteous, their expertise is very impressive.  I will and have recommended them to everyone."

Thank you for the unbelievable results,

Hal R. – Michaels Woods, Hampton

"As an independent Landscape Designer,  my reputation depends on the contractors I refer to my clients and who install my plans.  Because of this, I recommend KnightScapes for both irrigation and lighting installation.  They are professional and courteous, do top-notch work and, most importantly, they stand behind everything they do. My clients are consistently pleased with the quality and service they receive from this local, family owned business."

Peggy Krapf - Williamsburg, Virginia
Heart's Ease Landscape & Garden Design

"It is with sincere appreciation that we write this letter on behalf of Jeff, Bill, Doug and the crew of Knight-Scapes Irrigation and Landscape Lighting.  After spending many years abroad in Germany, relocating back to the United States into our newly built retirement home proved to be overwhelming to say the least.  We were starting from scratch with our landscaping and we were not familiar with the local companies.  We were fortunate to have witnessed a crew installing an irrigation system in our neighbor’s yard.  Needless to say we were impressed with what we saw.  We had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Knight and we explained to him our wishes for our yard and our extreme time restraints to get the jobs done.  Jeff and his crew were so very accommodating and we were able to have our irrigation system and landscape lighting projects completed on time despite the cold and rainy weather.  Working with the whole crew of Knight-Scapes has been a pleasure and we will hire them to do any future landscape projects.  Our sincere thanks to Jeff, Bill, and Doug!"

Ernest and Kathryn Green Springs West, Williamsburg, VA.

“Although Knight-Scapes was already well recommended, they exceeded my expectations.  My wife and neighbors raved about the night-time beauty the LED low voltage lighting system gave our house and yard.  They hid the low voltage wires and even though they ran them under the house, under the sidewalk and throughout the yard, they refilled the trenches and cleaned up so well that you could not tell they had done all that work at the end of the day.  Finally,  the system worked like a charm the first time we switched it on, and they’ve programmed it so I don’t have to touch the system – it comes on and goes off automatically.  For anyone looking for low voltage lighting, I give Knight-Scapes the highest recommendation.” 

Rob Swain, Williamsburg

"Bill, Jeff and Jason,

As you know, a Rain-Bird ESP-SMT Irrigation Controller was installed at our residence on 28 June 2010. I have been observing its operation over the past ten days, and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with its performance. Having read the User Manual, I was somewhat familiar with how the unit is programmed and operates, but seeing it in action makes it even more impressive.

On the day of installation I watched Jeff program our zip code, which provides the basic weather data input to the system. The allowable watering days were also entered so the system only functions on authorized days. Then each individual zone was programmed to indicate turf/beds; sun exposure; slope; desired hours of operation on authorized days and other vital parameters to customize the system. With the built-in rain gauge, it will avoid the use of water when normal rainfall has provided what is needed. It also calculates the evaporation/transpiration rate of the type of grass, based upon the recent weather conditions.

As a result, it will save water and money, by not having the sprinklers run when not necessary. However during these very dry hot days, the system re-cycles through the zones, actually providing more water than my previous controller was allowing, unless I went out manually to override the settings. So our lawn is now receiving enough water to avoid over-stressing the grass. And the new system allows me to manually increase the programmed amount of water in incremental percentages, if I think that is necessary. The system is really automatic, and I am assured that enough water is being provided, but not too much.

In summary, I am VERY pleased with the Rain-Bird ESP-SMT Irrigation Controller, and would highly recommend it to anyone."

Thanks, Jim D. -- Ford’s Colony

Dear Jeff, Doug, Bill and Crew Members: Thank you so much for your excellent Maintenance of our Lighting and irrigation systems over the past years. We truly appreciate the advice and service you have provided us. We realize that our lake pump has presented its challenges but you persevered and, for the first time in fifteen years and several irrigation companies, we have confidence that we have the right people helping us.

We never recommend anyone whom we do not have complete confidence but we were happy to recommend you. Thanks again, for great service and being such pleasant people with whom to work and communicate."

Sincerely, Pat & Sandy C. -- The Vineyards

"Water has been a problem in and around our home from the time construction started until the present. In the eleven years we have lived here, we have talked to the professionals in Ford¹s Colony, James City County, and anyone they recommended. While several ideas were suggested, none were acceptable for various reasons. We called Knight-Scapes to handle our backflow inspection and the water turn off and on. Jason Frank came out and while he was here for those other reasons we mentioned our ongoing water problem. After some discussion he said they’d be in touch and arrange to come out and see what solution they had. They came back with their proposal which involved adding drain pipes as well as moving and cleaning others. It sounded like a solution so we accepted.

The team of four, Doug Knight, Reuben Williams, Olmen, and Arlington were here for two days. They were efficient, professional, worked well together and were pleasant to have around.

After they were finished we waited for our first serious rain to see what happened. The rain came and we went out to see what was happening at each spot and we were very happy to see everything working just as they said it would."

Thanks, Sam & Judy R. -- Ford’s Colony