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At Knight-Scapes, our custom lighting experts utilize exterior illumination to highlight focal points of homes, businesses, landscapes, water features, architectural structures, and subdivision entrances to transform outdoor elements into amazing, eye-popping night-time works of art. Our professionally installed and maintained lighting systems expand outdoor usability, enhance architectural focal points, improve safety and security, and increase property value.

We envision each project as a blank canvas and customize our unique design and illumination talents to compliment individual Client requests. Our premium, professional grade lighting products come with industry leading warranties which guarantee years of reliable and worry-free performance. We use LED technology to ensure dependable, long lasting, and energy efficient operability of our systems.

Landscape Lighting Benefits:

  • Aesthetics: Highlight structural and landscape focal points
  • Functionality: Extend the use of outdoor areas
  • Security: Lighting deters potential intruders
  • Safety: Increased premises visibility to assist with guiding passageways

Landscape Lighting Repairs

In situations where landscape lighting is not preforming as expected, Knight-Scapes offers complete professional repair service. We will diagnose all electrical connections and ensure the lighting system is receiving correct voltage, as well as inspect and repair faulty products. Not every issue will require a full replacement, and we can offer solutions to restore your landscape to proper working order.


Here are some of the various types landscape lighting products we specialize in:

  • Accent Lighting - Intense controlled beams of light to accent flower beds or make your swimming pool dazzle.
  • Background Lighting - Illuminates large walls and tall trees to create an effect similar to diffused lighting.
  • Contour Lighting - Type of down-lighting created with tier lights to accent the contour of a landscape; ideal for emphasizing borders and garden paths.
  • Cross Lighting - Provides exemplary lighting for trees and statues from two or more directions to create a three-dimensional perspective.
  • Down-Lighting - A common technique accomplished by mounting lighting fixtures high in trees to cast light over a wide area. Provides general ambient light ideal for entertaining in your backyard and is an effective crime deterrent.
  • Mirror Lighting - Achieved by lighting a tree or other garden element that will create a reflection in a pool of water.
  • Moonlighting - Similar to Down-Lighting, using softer lights positioned high in a tree. This technique simulates moonlight filtering through the branches casting attractive shadows.
  • Path Lighting - Lights placed along walkways, driveways, paths, and steps provide a decorative appearance, sure footing, and added security.
  • Silhouetting - Concealed lighting that creates a magical profile.
  • Spot Lighting - Floodlighting used to accentuate statues and other lawn and garden elements.
  • Up Lighting - Soft lighting aimed upwards to underscore an appealing tree, full shrubbery, statues, or other architectural point of interest.

Landscape Lighting Products

Knight-Scapes offers lighting solutions that integrate beauty and function into your landscape. At Knight-Scapes, we use the highest quality lighting materials from some of the nation's most reputable providers to create safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing enviornment. Let our team of professionals transform your lawn into a breathtaking landscape with our lighting designs.

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