“When I needed to revitalize my 15 year old landscape lighting for my home I contacted Knight-Scapes, Inc. I consider myself a detail oriented person and I knew I had transformer issues, underground wiring issues, bulb and fixture issues. I had been trying for several years to do it myself using parts and equipment I purchased at the big box stores but had failed to make acceptable progress. I wanted to fix the problems and I wanted to step up with quality. Jeff Knight patiently and expertly worked with me for several months as I evaluated every detail of the job. Jeff provided exhaustive technical detail at every turn to assure me I was making the correct decisions. Jeff also set up sample display lighting to help me make the final decisions. I decided to make the move to LED lighting and fixtures providing a lifetime guarantee. This was not the most inexpensive route but this was my home and I wanted it right. Jeff set up the final installation while I was out of town. When I returned home I was fully prepared to view the installation and continue working out issues. When darkness fell and I viewed the results of the installation I was thrilled. The lighting transformation of my home was significant and we loved the results immediately. It is not often I hire a contractor and find the helpful knowledge, patience and competence that I found in Jeff Knight with Knight-Scapes… I was 100% satisfied with the results”

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